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Agencies Called to Step Up the Pace on Diversity Efforts

from PRWeekUS
February 07, 2014

PR executives on both coasts say that diversity in the industry is lacking to a startling point, and while firms have made strides to change that, most have a lot of catching up to do. Executives say the lack of diversity in the PR agency world comes into focus when compared with population numbers...

Former Mercury Public Affairs MD Roger Salazar launched his firm, Alza Strategies, this week to help Hispanic communities and organizations communicate their message to mainstream audiences. A problem in the agency world that he has noticed is the challenge of recruiting employees and keep them in one place.

"There's a push for stronger recruitment,” he explains. “Just like anything else, as the demographics change, those of us who have been in this business a long time feel the need to build a very strong bench behind us.”

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