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What we do

Public Affairs

At ALZA Strategies, we have the experience and skills necessary to lead you through the intricate process of crafting a public affairs campaign. Whether trying to advocate for a position, win an election, build grassroots support, or build public support for your side on an issue, we can help you develop and implement a successful public affairs strategy.

Media Relations

With many decades of media relations experience at the local, state, national and international levels, ALZA Strategies can guide you through the process of working with media and help you communicate messages to reach your organization’s goals, and ensure those messages receive the broadest possible exposure.

Crisis Communications

ALZA Strategies team members have helped navigate some of the highest profile media crises in America. When a crisis situation arises, it must be managed correctly and expertly. ALZA Strategies can help you manage your crisis by analyzing the situation, preparing an action plan, and conducting quick but calculated responses.

Latino Outreach

“En Alza” is Spanish for “On the Rise.” The Latino population and political clout is on the rise in California and across the nation. ALZA Strategies seeks to raise the level of strategic communications on behalf of clients who want to tap into Latino markets and can help Latino clients tap into mainstream markets.